Data and Analytics

From comparing your city’s tax burdens relative to peers, to understanding the impact that pension and OPEB obligations have on migration, or to assessing the impact of essential services costs on housing price changes, there are a multitude of ways to apply Pality’s data, reporting and analytics to make key strategic decisions.





We ingest tens of millions of public financial data points and other taxpayer, property, demographic, and related data points spanning a two decade time span. We validate, transform, join and standardize these millions of data points to create a unified structure of a location’s current and future tax and essential services profile, including overlapping revenue (taxes, fees, transfers), obligations (bonds, pension, OPEB), quality of essential services, and costs of private monopoly services, all from the perspective of the taxpayer. Our team of data engineers, financial analysts, and actuarial analysts utilize the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies to ensure accuracy to create a continuously updated and comprehensive understanding of public financial dynamics, their trends, and impact on taxpayers and property owners.