Pality is dedicated to bringing transparency to the exchange of taxes and fees for essential services for all locations across the United States. Pality offers insight on the ability of states and local entities to deliver on essential services for all constituents. To accomplish this, Pality has built the first-ever central repository of standardized public finance data: state and local governments, other taxing authorities, and monopoly service providers.

Public finance data, unlike other financial data, lacks standardization to develop benchmarks, peer comparison or predictive models. We utilize our database to build simplified tools to support better data-driven decisions and outcomes for state and local governments, property owners, insurers, and beyond.

Over $50 trillion of US real estate assets and over $2 trillion of state and local taxes and fees are impacted by decisions based on complex, non-standard and difficult-to-obtain information. By building a comprehensive, standardized, and understandable repository of public finance information, Pality provides tools and predictive analytics for shared solutions and better outcomes across stakeholders.